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Since late 2020, QuesTek has been productizing its proprietary intellectual property and corporate know-how into a cloud-based digital materials design platform. The platform carries the QuesTek trademarked brand, ICMD®.

ICMD® provides toolkits for materials design, accelerated qualification and certification, informatics and analytics, and simulation. Toolkits utilize QuesTek proprietary models, genomic datasets, and workflows (including certain third-party software and databases) to support design, production, quality, and service processes. Core methodologies of QuesTek’s proven Materials by Design® technology are embedded in the toolkits. ICMD® is primarily deployed as a SaaS offering but will optionally be available within private corporate clouds.

ICMD® toolkits also operate within an Integrated Digital Environment, which includes a brace of enterprise-level features ranging from a web-based, highly user-friendly interface to software “workers” which embed certain operations workflows and routine interactions with third-party software tools, to a project history / engagement library function which enables re-use of prior work sessions results, as well as overall views of conducted materials design and related research.

Strategic drivers for QuesTek market entry with ICMD® include rapidly growing Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation requirements. ICMD® can present a low-risk means to implement digital transformation for materials-responsible engineers and processes within a corporate digital transformation initiative. Application drivers include Additive Manufacturing, Sustainability, Corrosion Resistance, Heat Resistance, Thermal Management, Radiation Protection, Conductivity Management, and Bio-Resistance/Compatibility, as well as higher-performance Structural Applications. Materials producers can also rapidly differentiate their end products through utilization of ICMD®.

QuesTek is engaging a small set of qualified early test and evaluation clients between now into Q2 2023. ICMD® general availability for licensing and subscription will commence in second half of 2023.

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