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QuesTek empowers innovators by resolving material-based challenges.

Ten years ago, Apple made a decision…to build a dedicated alloy engineering team with a foundation in (QuesTek’s) computational and systems alloy design.
This digital twin of the process can be created and calibrated with very few empirical samples...thereby saving months and even years of development time as well as extensive, costly materials testing.
Race Engine Technology, 2023
QuesTek’s ICME approach has dramatically streamlined (our materials) investigations and changed the way we think about materials development.
Daido Steel, Corporate R&D Center, 2022
QuesTek's patented alloys have been optimized to produce desirable properties unique to the AM process.
Metal AM, 2022
The idea (Materials Concurrency) is to accelerate the adoption of new materials and processes- helping bridge the gap between materials science and part design.
Tesla Materials Applications team, Elektrek, 2021
QuesTek improved (AFRL’s) understanding of the micro- and macro-structure level variability… to advance the accuracy of modelling and simulation for AM metal.
1st Place citation, AFRL Additive Manufacturing Modelling Challenge, thru America Makes, 2021
QuesTek’s Ferrium® M54 steel progressed from clean-sheet design to flight-qualified, production…parts (in a fractional) timeframe typical for flight-critical components.
NIST Materials Genome Initiative Report, 2018
QuesTek considerably accelerates the development of novel alloys, enabling customers from a range of industries to reduce the cost of testing and deploying new alloys by millions of dollars.
Illinois Science and Technology Coalition Roadmap, 2014
QuesTek supports Materials Genome Initiative… Proven computational approach to materials design and development yields rapid results.
Electronic Products, 2011
SERDP has estimated that QuesTek’s design and development of Ferrium® S53 steel saved approximately $50M.
US Strategic Environmental R&D Program, 2008 Pollution Prevention of the Year Award (to QuesTek), 2008

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Materials by Design® Technology

QuesTek applies its proprietary technology under three proven, fundamental methodologies. Click below to learn more.

Materials Concurrency

Novel Materials enable Novel Products

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Accelerated Insertion of Materials

Novel Materials improve Existing Products

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Proprietary Materials

High performance applications via specialty supply chains

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QuesTek ICMD®

QuesTek is productizing its in-house know-how into a cloud-based Digital Materials Design platform. Check back for more information this Fall.

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