QuesTek has used Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and our Materials by Design technology to develop new ultra-high performance steels and alloys based on aluminum, titanium, copper, cobalt, molybdenum and other elements for safety-critical aerospace and defense applications.  Below is a list of applications and components, with links to the QuesTek-developed alloys that may be considered.

Landing Gear

QuesTek's new, high-performance Ferrium® steels are replacing incumbent steels in landing gear applications, demonstrating improved performance through extensive rig testing and field service evaluations:

Helicopter Rotor Shafts

Under US Army and US Navy funding, QuesTek has produced protoype transmission rotor shafts for Sikorsky's MH-60S and Boeing's CH-47 Chinook platforms to provide longer life and improved performance vs traditional steels used:

Gears and Transmission Components

QuesTek's new, ICME-designed, high performance gear steels are replacing incumbent alloys in demanding helicopter transmission gear box applications, integrally-geared driveshafts, actuators and other power transmission components where durability, compactness, weight savings, or high temperature resistance is valued:

Bushings and Bearings

QuesTek addresses critical load-bearing aerospace applications, where incumbent Copper-Beryllium alloys pose health concerns, through the design and development of alternative, beryllium-free, high strength alloys:

Structural and Internal Components

Through the implementation of ICME methodologies, QuesTek has designed improved aluminum and titanium alloys with higher strength and SCC resistance: