Kerem Taskin

Senior Sales Engineer


B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2016

Current Role at QuesTek

Kerem Taskin is a member of QuesTek’s applications engineering team, and his work focuses on providing metallurgical and manufacturing support for alloy producers, end users and OEMs who are adopting QuesTek alloys. He further focuses on interfacing with industry leaders and partners, and identifying markets to grow sales for QuesTek's licensed alloys.  For emerging QuesTek alloys that are in both early and developed stages of the design process, he leads commercialization efforts and identifies target markets for technology transition. He also establishes and builds relationships with outside vendors, customers and prospects.

Background and Specialization

Kerem joined QuesTek as a Materials Applications Engineer in June 2016. He has worked for QuesTek as an applications engineering intern since 2012, while pursuing his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University. In 2013, he took a temporary one year leave from Northwestern to contribute to long-term QuesTek efforts as a full-time COOP intern, and established related research goals for the completion of his degree. Kerem’s research under the guidance of Dr. Gregory Olson focused on the design and development of a Transformation-Induced Plasticity (TRIP) titanium alloy and a novel blast resistant TRIP steel.

Honors and Awards

Engineering Design and Communication, Design Award, Northwestern University, 2011

Parma Basham Scholarship, Northwestern University, 2013, 2014

Cooperative Engineering Education Program, Northwestern University, 2016

Professional Associations

He is a member of ASM International, SAE International and participates on the Materials and Metallurgy committee of the American Gear Manufacturers Association.


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  • “Application of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering to Optimize Metallurgy and Improve Performance of Carburizable Gear Steels,” Paper and Presentation at The American Gear Manufacturers Association Fall Technical Meeting; October 12-14, 2014; Crystal City, VA.
  • "Design, Development and Qualification of Computationally Designed Alloys,” Paper and presentation at 70th Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society; May 20-22, 2014; Montreal, Canada.