Zaynab Mahbooba

Materials Design Engineer


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2019

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2015

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2013

Current Role at QuesTek

Zaynab Mahbooba specializes in metal additive manufacturing and bulk metallic glass alloys. She is responsible for developing and implementing thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanistic models for predicting processing-structure-property relationships in materials design projects.

Background and Specialization

Before joining QuesTek in 2019, Zaynab completed her Ph.D. at North Carolina State University exploring the use of additive manufacturing to fabricate bulk metallic glass alloys.  She developed process parameters for laser and electron beam powder bed fusion equipment to fabricate large-scale bulk metallic glass components, and, as an intern at QuesTek, she targeted key problems of the alloy’s processability and designed novel glass-forming chemistries for improved processability. Her Ph.D. dissertation is titled “Additive Manufacturing of Bulk Metallic Glass.” In addition to her dissertation research, in graduate school she supported metal additive manufacturing research projects within The Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics; this included understanding the influence of powder feedstock characteristics and recyclability on the materials properties of additively manufactured IN718 and Ti-6Al-4V, and investigating the use of compositional modifications to refine the microstructure of electron beam melt fabricated Ti-6Al-4V.

Publications and Presentations

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