Chris Kantner, Ph.D.

Director of Applications and Business Development


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2002

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997

Current Role at QuesTek

As Director of Applications and Business Development, Chris is focused on the development of cost effective, high performance material solutions for a wide range of clients and industries.  He works with OEM’s and vendors to optimize the material selection and processing path of advanced applications. Additionally, he investigates the effect of novel processing methods on material performance, from design concept to end user implementation. He manages multiple research programs and explores opportunities for technology transfer to commercial markets.

Background and Specialization

Prior to joining QuesTek, Chris worked as an engineer focusing on the application of advanced and ultra-high strength steel in the automotive industry.  This work delivered solutions for enhanced performance, light weighting, and cost savings on multiple automotive platforms.  Additionally, he worked as a development engineer on Ni-based single crystals using computational techniques to optimize production yield.  His graduate study focused on the design of an ultra-high strength steel offering unique strength, toughness, and hydrogen embrittlement resistance.  The work employed an ICME based approach to material design and the experimental validation of the design.  An area of particular interest was the development and application of a grain boundary cohesion model for enhanced stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Professional Associations

He is a member of multiple professional organizations including ASM International, SAE International, and the American Gear Manufacturing Association, participating on the aerospace gearing committee and the metallurgy and material committee.

Representative Publications and Presentations

Chris is the author of numerous papers regarding the application of advanced and ultra-high strength steels in the automotive industry.