Vladilena Gaisina, M.S.

Materials Engineer


M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2015

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011

Current Role at QuesTek

Vlada Gaisina’s work centers on prototype production and characterization to support alloy development. Using a background in mechanical testing, Vlada collaborates with design engineers on design of experiments and prototype validation. She also shares the responsibilities of managing lab maintenance and organization, as well as managing the workflow of the experimental group.

Background and Specialization

During her graduate studies, Vlada investigated the mechanical properties of high-strength low-alloy plate steels in low-temperature environments. Her technical skills include metallography, microscopy, mechanical testing, and x-ray characterization. Following the completion of her B.S. degree, Vlada spent time at an open-die forging plant, assisting with quality assurance via failure analysis. Her dissertation was titled “Fracture Toughness Evaluation of Five Microalloyed Plate Steels for Wind Tower Applications”

Honors and Awards

As a graduate student, Vlada was a recipient of the Finkl Research Fellowship and Fear Fellowship. She also received a number of achievement-based scholarships during her undergraduate tenure.

Publications and Presentations

V. Gaisina, S. Mostovoy, K. Taylor, R. Bodnar, S. Jansto, and P. Nash, “Comparison of Fatigue and Fracture Properties of Nb- and V-Microalloyed Grade 350 MPa Plate Steels,” poster session presented at the MS&T Conference and Exhibition 2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.