Castable Single Crystal Ni-based Superalloy

To improve the thermal efficiency of power plants and enable advanced power plant technologies, such as Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, raising the inlet temperature of gas turbines is an essential design criterion that must be addressed. This in turn demands blade and vane materials that exhibit superior high temperature properties, especially creep resistance.

Under an ongoing U.S. Department of Energy-funded SBIR Phase IIA program, QuesTek is designing a single crystal (SX) Ni-based superalloy that can be cast effectively as large industrial gas turbine (IGT) blade components and provide superior high temperature creep performance comparable to state-of-the-art aeroturbine blades, thereby allowing increased thermal efficiency.

During the Phase I and II programs, QuesTek designed an innovative composition with 1 weight percent rhenium that exhibited the processability of Re-free alloys, but with comparable performance to second generation SX superalloys that contain 3 weight percent Re. Prototype production and evaluation has shown excellent results, with defect-free castings exhibiting 100% yield rate.

Further characterization and testing during the Phase IIA program is on-going for accelerated qualification, adoption and rapid commercialization. A final round of full IGT-size casting will be performed to serve as the final validation of the highly processable design.

Material and Licensing Availability

Some material is available for testing, evaluation or use; please contact us if you are interested.  We’re always interested in speaking with potential licensees and with major end-users/OEMs about material needs and industry developments.


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