Farley Fellows Seminar Series (Video)

In the new Farley Fellows Seminar Series, Gregory Olson, along with other Northwestern faculty members who have succeeded as entrepreneurs, will discuss lessons they have learned in areas such as product development, financing, market investigation, pivoting, and building a business team.

Farley Fellows are entrepreneurship-minded faculty members who advise Northwestern's Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, mentor students and other faculty, and lead by example.


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  • AA&S 2011

    Design, Development, Qualification and Insertion of Corrosion-Resistant, Ultra-High Strength Ferrium® S53® Steel for Aircraft Sustainment and Airworthiness - April 19, 2011

  • AA&S 2012

    Ferrium M54: A New Fatigue-Resistant, Lower Cost, Ultra-High Strength Steel for Landing Gear and Arrestment Applications - April 3, 2012

  • AeroMat 2007

    Probabilistic Property Prediction of Ultra High Strength Corrosion-Resistant Steel - A presentation detailing QuesTek's use of AIM to predict Ferrium® S53® properties 

  • AeroMat 2008 - Ferrium C64

    A presentation on the computational alloy design of QuesTek's new, high-performance gas carburizable Ferrium C64 gear steel

  • AeroMat 2008 - Ferrium S53

    The qualification process of ultra-high strength, corrosion-resistant Ferrium S53 landing gear steel for flight

  • AeroMat 2011 - Ferrium® M54™

    Computational design and alloy requirements for QuesTek's ultra-high strength Ferrium® M54™ steel for Navy landing gear applications

  • AeroMat 2011 - Ferrium® PH48S™

    The computational design and development of a castable, high-strength stainless steel

  • AeroMat 2012

    A presentation on the computational design and development of QuesTek's new, high-strength, high-ductility castable titanium alloys

  • AGMA's 2009 Fall Technical Meeting

    A detailed presentation on the design, development and application of QuesTek's new, high-performance gear steels: Ferrium® C61™, C64™ and C69™

  • American Helicopter Society 2014

    Design, development and qualification of computationally designed alloys - May 20, 2014

  • Materials Science & Technology 2009

    An in-depth overview of QuesTek's computational materials design methodology, principles and examples

  • Materials Science & Technology 2015

    A detailed presentation on the design and development of QuesTek's CMAS-resistant thermal barrier coatings - October 8, 2015