Low-Cost, Castable QuesTalloy™ Ti-6-4 Mod

QuesTek applied its Materials by Design methodology to computationally design and develop three castable titanium alloys under U.S. Army-funded SBIR Phase I and II programs to incorporate lower-cost raw materials and exhibit greater strength and/or ductility than Ti-6-4.

The alloys have demonstrated improved strength and toughness over traditional Ti-6-4 when processed via additive manufacturing routes, specifically Electron Beam AM at Sciaky. Please contact us if interested in evaluating out Ti alloys for additive.

Formal results will be published at AeroMat 2016.

Three new titanium alloys tentatively named QT-Ti-1A, QT-Ti-2A, and QT-Ti-2B were designed for both performance and economy, by:

  1. capturing the benefits of near-net-shape casting for manufacturing;
  2. containing less vanadium than Ti-6-4;
  3. having higher tolerance to oxygen and iron than Ti-6-4;
  4. being able to use significant amounts of Ti-6-4 scrap as input stock.

QT-Ti-1A (see blue star below) offers ~25 ksi greater UTS and ~2.5% greater elongation than cast Ti-6-4 (i.e. to “QT cast Ti-6-4” which was produced in the same manner as the three new alloys).  QT-Ti-1A is expected to be the first of these alloys to be commercialized, and can be considered for example to:

  1. replace cast Ti-6-4 to increase a part’s durability or reduce its weight;
  2. replace wrought Ti-6-4 to reduce costs; or
  3. replace Ti-6242 in high-temperature applications to reduce costs.

Additional castable titanium property data can be found in the data sheet below.

Material and Licensing Availability

Some material is available for testing, evaluation or use; please contact us if you are interested. We’re always interested in speaking with potential licensees and with major end-users/OEMs about material needs and industry developments.

Relevant files

Material Data Sheets


  • AeroMat 2012

    A presentation on the computational design and development of QuesTek's new, high-strength, high-ductility castable titanium alloys

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