Nanodispersion-Strengthened, High-Performance Shape Memory Alloy

Under an OEM-funded program, QuesTek applied its Materials by Design methodology to computationally design and develop a robust, high-performance shape memory alloy for implementation in aerospace actuator applications. Insertion of QuesTek's new Titanium-based alloy provides the potential to provide fuel savings, noise reductions, and/or performance enhancements for both aero-structures and gas turbine engines. The higher strength of the new design results in better cyclic stability and improved fatigue strengths. Application and insertion can penetrate the medical devices market where smaller, miniaturized devices such as stents and catheter lead wires can be produced.

Shown below is a System Design Chart for the new shape memory alloy.

For a detailed background on System Design Charts and QuesTek's approach to designing new materials, please visit our Materials by Design® page.

Material and Licensing Availability

This alloy is patented, but is not yet commercially available. Some early production material is available for testing or evaluation; please contact us directly for more information. We’re always interested in speaking with potential licensees and with major end-users/OEMs about material needs and industry developments.