Brazeable, High Temperature Ni-based Superalloy

In 2009 we completed a National Science Foundation-funded SBIR Phase I project to design a new high performance Ni-based superalloy material for heat exchanger applications (such as plate-fin heat exchangers), seeking significantly higher service temperature capabilities than previously achievable. Other key requirements included good quench suppressibility, hot and cold workability, and brazeability. Higher operating temperatures can improve thermodynamic cycle operating efficiency and reduce component weight and volume.

QuesTek applied its Materials by Design methodology to design the alloy with the high-strength and high thermal conductivity of a precipitation-strengthened alloy (such as HAYNES® 282® alloy), and sheet processing similar to a solid-solution alloy (Alloy 625), plus excellent brazeability & weldability.

Material and Licensing Availability

The provisional patent has been submitted and QuesTek is currently awaiting approval. Some material is available for testing, evaluation or use; please contact us if you are interested.  We’re always interested in speaking with potential licensees and with major end-users/OEMs about material needs and industry developments.