Having demonstrated properties for newly-designed materials at prototype levels and with a realistic production plan in place, we scale-up production and demonstration efforts to commercial scale.

  • Design and Invention
  • Design Prototype Demonstration

Production Scale-Up

Outsource Production and Processing

QuesTek is focused on computationally designing, inventing and developing valuable new high-performance materials, and generating intellectual property that protects our inventions.  We go-to-market by licensing producers, processors or OEMs to use our IP, and generate revenue from these licenses.  We have no production capacity (beyond prototype-scale), and no intent to develop any.  We work with proven firms to scale-up production and processing of newly-design materials to commercial production levels.  Our disruptive business model offers a number of advantages to licensees and processors, as well as commercial, governmental and other clients. 

Select Production and Processing Partners

We’re focused on rapidly getting valuable new materials into real-world service, so we typically select and partner with firms who successfully produce or process similar materials at full commercial scale, in order to leverage their skills and capabilities.  We often strive to work with firms who are leading candidates to be our production or processing licensee(s).  When our client (sponsoring a material design program) has previously-established relationships with preferred suppliers, then we can work with them in order to use the best parts of our client’s supply chain and further accelerate speed-to-market.  When our client does not have any preferred suppliers, then we seek out best-in-class partners for full-scale production and processing, working in concert with our client.

Manage and Refine

The primary focus of this stage of development is to demonstrate that our newly-designed material can be successfully produced one (or more) times at full (or near) commercial scale.  Our activities in this phase of material development effort typically include:

  • Continue to manage the development program, coordinating and reviewing large- or full-scale production and processing efforts made by third party firms, and refining further steps and activities in the development program.
  • Refine and optimize QuesTek’s Material Specification, in conjunction with our certification and additional characterization of full-scale production material, in order to further enhance the robustness and economy of production and processing.
  • Refine and optimize QuesTek’s Process Specification and material processing steps in close cooperation with our production and processing partners, by using our powerful mechanistic models and sophisticated characterization techniques to optimize full-scale processing of the new material.
  • Compare test results to the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Roadmap, and refine the TRL Roadmap in order to incorporate and address new information.