With deeper and longer wells being drilled, the need to borrow technologies from military and aerospace applications becomes more important. Failures in casing, fasteners, bolts, flanges, fracking devices or other tools can be prevented with proper material selection. Oil & gas components and tools where Maraging steels, 4340 steel, 8620 steel, 9310/EN36 steels or other alloys that are being used and have limitations in terms of performance could benefit from an upgrade to a one of QuesTek's new premium Ferrium® steels or other alloys.

New high performance, high hardness, high toughness, high strength carburizable steels. C61 steel can be considered as an upgrade from 8620, 9310, EN36A, EN36B and EN36C, by offering much greater strength and toughness. C64 steel has a much greater surface hardness up to 62-64 Rockwell C (HRC). With a greater temperature and corrosion resistance vs traditional carburizing steel, this steel can be applied to down hole transmission components, gears, pinions and components where durability, compactness, weight savings, or high temperature resistance is valued.

Exhibiting ultra-high strength, high fracture toughness, high resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC), M54 steel is an upgrade in performance from Maraging 250, 4340, 300M and other steels to reduce component weight or size, or to increase service life. M54 steel is currently being applied to case running tools and shafts.

High-strength titanium alloy that exhibits improved ductility, incorporates lower-cost raw materials, and captures the benefits of near-net-shape casting for manufacturing. Titanium alloys with improved castability could see widespread adoption across many aerospace platforms, where the exceptional strength-to-weight and corrosion resistance properties of titanium could be combined with the reduced cost potential of near-net-shape processing.

Ultra-high strength, corrosion resistant steel designed  to replace incumbent steels including 300M, 4340, 440C and Maraging steels.

A castable and forgeable, corrosion-resistant, high-strength steel designed to offer increased toughness and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance as compared to commercially available stainless steel alloys.

High-strength, low-friction, thermally stable cobalt alloy designed for critical load-bearing applications. Designed as a nontoxic upgrade from beryllium-containing copper alloys, such as C17200 that provide high strength but prove harmful during manufacturing due to toxic beryllium exposure.

High-strength, beryllium-free copper cast alloy designed as a nontoxic upgrade from copper-beryllium alloys. Provides higher strength over existing Be-free Cu-based alloys, and is targeted for insertion into applications where copper-beryllium alloys are currently being used.

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