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Novel Materials enable Novel Products

The best client success story for Materials Concurrency is QuesTek and the Apple Watch. The information for this story is widely available on financial reports in the public domain. In October 2012, Apple acquired certain technology and know-how from QuesTek for $8 figures. Apple applied QuesTek technology to develop important materials for the Apple Watch. The Watch hit the market in April 2015. By Q3 of 2015, Apple sold 4 million units, generating just under $1B in incremental revenue. 15 million units were sold in all of 2015, and 50+ million units were sold each year between 2016 and 2019, generating incremental $Billions of revenue in each year. Apple stopped publicly reporting Watch unit sales in 2019. In summary, an $8 figure investment in QuesTek technology, applied in step with the Materials Concurrency methodology, yields an ROI of $Billions in incremental revenue within 2 ½ years of development time to market.

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