QuesTek has combined Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and our own Materials by Design®  technology to design and develop new superior high performance steels and iron-based alloys for applications in aerospace and defense, automotive, energy and other markets.

Iron-based Ferrium Steels

Our flagship licensed materials include three ultra-high performance, double vacuum melted (VIM/VAR) steels that are commercially available from Carpenter Technology. These three steels have all been awarded AMS procurement specifications, and are being evaluated and used in a wide range of demanding and safety critical applications in aerospace, oil and gas, performance racing and other industries.

  • Ferrium C64® (AMS 6509) - High strength, high toughness, high hardness, carburizable steel
  • Ferrium M54® (AMS 6516) - Ultra high strength, high toughness, SCC resistant steel
  • Ferrium S53® (AMS 5922) - Ultra high strength, high corrosion resistant steel

Yet-to-be Licensed Iron-based Ferrium Alloys

We’re also designing and developing other iron-based alloys that have not yet been licensed:

  • Ferrium PH48S™ - High strength, corrosion-resistant, castable stainless steel
  • Ferrium C69™ - High strength, high wear resistance, carburized gear and bearing steel
  • Ferrium N63™ - High strength, surface hardenable (via nitriding) stainless steel as upgrade from Pyrowear 675 for gears, bearings, etc.

Steel Design Experience

We have a long history of designing and developing iron-based alloys, built in part from our involvement in the Steel Research Group and the 28-year leadership of Professor Greg Olson, our Chief Science Officer, serving as its Director.

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  • Steel Still King

    An article providing background on QuesTek and our new class of high performance gear steels, Ferrium® C61™ and C64™- SAE International, Off-Highway Engineering, March 2009