QuesTek has developed several new ultra high performance steels that are being used in high performance racing (e.g., BAJA, Formula 1, and NASCAR, etc) for ring and pinions, transmission gears, input and output shafts and other highly loaded components. QuesTek's steels provide  improved fracture toughness, impact resistance, strength, fatigue life, durability, temperature resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance and pitting resistance. Upgrade from 9310, EN36, 8620, 4340 and 300M.

New high performance, high hardness, high toughness, high strength carburizable steels. C61 steel can be considered as an upgrade from 8620, 9310, EN36A, EN36B and EN36C, by offering much greater strength and toughness. C61 steel's performance is race-proven, with more than 100 ring-and-pinion sets made of C61 steel used in highly demanding SCORE International® off-road races. With a greater temperature and corrosion resistance versus traditional carburizing steel, these steels can be strongly considered for applications including gears, integrally-geared driveshafts, actuators and power transmission components where durability, compactness, weight savings, or high temperature resistance is valued.

Ultra-high strength, high fracture toughness, SCC-resistant steel used in demanding applications as an upgrade in performance from 4340, 300M, Maraging grades and other steels to reduce component weight or size, or to increase service life. High performance racing applications include driveshafts, output shafts, crankshafts, clutchplates, connecting rods, torsion bars and fasteners.

Ultra-high strength, corrosion resistant steel designed for structural aerospace applications to replace incumbent steels of poor corrosion resistance such as 300M, 4340, 4330V, 440C and Maraging grades. High performance racing applications include driveshafts, actuators, fasteners, and other highly-loaded components that can benefit from increased resistance to corrosion, corrosion fatigue and SCC resistance.