Surface Hardenable Ferrium® N63™ Stainless Steel

Ferrium® N63™ is a surface-hardenable stainless steel that demonstrates an ideal combination of corrosion resistance, high surface hardness, and core strength and ductility. Developed under a U.S. Navy-funded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, N63 steel provides improvement in corrosion resistance and strength and toughness over incumbent best-in-class alloys, proving a promising alloy for bearing and gear applications in aerospace, oil and gas and other industries.

Material and Licensing Availability

QuesTek has demonstrated stainless properties in the case, an optimized thermal processing cycle including high temperature solution nitriding, and comparable to improved fatigue performance (low cycle, high cycle, and rolling contact fatigue) compared to incumbent best-in-class alloys.

No corrosion pitting for Ferrium N63 steel after 200 hours of ASTM B117 salt fog corrosion testing.

We’re specifically interested in speaking with major end-users/OEMs about their needs for surface-hardenable, corrosion resistant stainless steels. We’re always interested in speaking with potential licensees and with major end-users/OEMs about material needs and industry developments.

Please contact us for more details about obtaining test material for evaluation or to learn more about the properties.

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