QuesTek offers contract manufacturing management services where we oversee the production and delivery of completed components, based on customer-provided drawings for prototype and production quantities.

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Contract Manufacturing Services

QuesTek has successfully managed prototype and production quantity manufacturing of safety critical aerospace components. We manage the entire manufacturing pathway from alloy production through forging, machining and heat treating to delivery. QuesTek’s value-add to manufacturing of components is driven by:

  • Extensive knowledge of material specification/certification, procurement, forging, machining, heat treating and finishing processes
  • Materials knowledge and modeling capabilities for both QuesTek-designed and conventional alloys, that informs the entire production process
  • Technical expertise on machining and heat treatment for specific component designs
  • Strong relationships with an extended, certified vendor network across a wide range of capabilities
  • Active engineering oversight and program management to reduce and mitigate technical risk
  • Reduced overhead costs compared to large OEMs
  • A history of successful component deliveries
  • A proactive approach with vendors to stay on schedule and budget

QuesTek’s program management capabilities for each step of the manufacturing pathway are listed below:

Material Procurement

  • Primary melting (e.g., VIM/VAR metallurgy, advanced steelmaking, ESR, AOD/VAR, etc.)
  • Multiple forms of alloy production, including wrought, cast, and extruded product, as well as metal powder procurement
  • Prototype to multi-ton scale
  • Alloys in development, QuesTek Ferrium Steels, commodity-grades


  • Process development and optimization
  • Operation oversight and witness
  • Nonconformance review


  • Manufacturing plan development with vendors
  • Drawing review
  • Machining study information (i.e., prototype efforts)
  • Nonconformance review

Heat Treatment

  • Fixture design/manufacturing with vendors
  • Carburization cycle optimization
  • Comprehensive process development
  • Validation, inspection, onsite witness, and engineering oversight


  • Final component assembly
  • Plating, coating, peening, superfinishing, surface finishing, etc.

First article inspection and qualification

  • Full inspection and nonconformance review
  • Testing of full component

Tracking of manufacturing processes

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