QuesTek is a global leader in the field of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and has proven that new, ultra high performance alloys and other materials can be developed much faster and at lower cost than via traditional trial and error methods. With our Materials by Design® methodology, we design and bring to market never-before-conceived alloys, coatings and other materials for demanding applications in aerospace, oil & gas, high performance racing, medical and other industries.

About Us - QuesTek Innovations LLC

We computationally design materials to directly meet user-defined material needs with our proprietary Materials by Design expertise and technology. We rapidly invent, design and develop and qualify new materials into demanding applications to reduce capital, processing, operating or maintenance costs, or to improve environmental protection, competitive supply or competitive advantage.

By using our ICME and Materials by Design approach, new alloy and material development times can be reduced 50% and costs by 70% as compared to traditional trial and error empirical methods.

Technology and Material Focus

We develop and utilize sophisticated physics-based technology that incorporates industry-leading mechanistic models, software and fundamental material parameters. Our experience, expertise and interest span a wide variety of material systems including alloys, ceramics and polymers.

Using ICME methodologies, QuesTek has developed new high performance alloys based on a number of different elements including Al, Co, Cu, Fe, Mo, Ni, Nb, Ti, and W.

Our commercially-available alloys include Ferrium® S53®, Ferrium M54™, Ferrium C61™ and Ferrium C64™. Our alloys are being used in some of the most demanding applications in aerospace, oil and gas and other industries. A review of our ICME successes and applications can be found in this article in the September 2013 issue of Advanced Materials and Processes magazine

Business Model and Focus

QuesTek works with entities that are interested in advanced materials on a number of potential projects including, for example:

  • Design and development of new high performance, innovative alloys and other materials
  • Compositional adjustment of currently used materials for improved strength, toughness, fatigue performance, creep resistance, corrosion resistance
  • Process modeling for optimized material properties
  • Licensing, manufacturing and marketing of QuesTek’s proprietary high-performance alloys

Company Origins

QuesTek was established in 1996 by four individuals affiliated with Northwestern University (of Evanston, IL, USA) to commercialize Prof. Gregory B. Olson’s pioneering academic work in the field of computational materials design.

Since then we’ve built a reputation in industry as a global leader in ICME, and at any given time we are working on >25 long-term projects for the US government and for private industry.

Our resulting integrated suite of skills, software, tools and practices and systems-based approach constitute our proprietary Materials by Design technology, which we use to address some of the world’s most challenging materials problems and opportunities.

We’ve received many honors and awards, and are a leading recipient of SBIR/STTR awards in the State of Illinois. A list of the alloy development and modeling projects that we been awarded (with links to project descriptions) can be found here.


QuesTek Innovations LLC is a privately-held, Delaware-based Limited Liability Company that has been in continuous operation since 1997. QuesTek is professionally managed and our Board of Directors consists of business leaders from a variety of industries who have extensive career experience.

If you are interested in opportunities to invest in QuesTek, please contact us.