Aluminum-based Alloys

QuesTek has combined Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and our own Materials by Design®  technology to design and develop new superior high performance aluminum-based alloys for applications in additive manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy and other markets.

Aluminum Alloys for Additive Manufacturing

Under an ongoing Office of Naval Research (ONR) funded Phase II SBIR program (Topic N141-062), QuesTek has designed two new aluminum alloys specifically for Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) additive manufacturing to achieve the processability of Al-Si-Mg alloys and the strength of 6061 and 7050. The two designs are a 7000-series concept designed for strength and a PH5000-series designed for corrosion resistance. The alloys are currently being evaluated, but have shown successful elimination of hot cracking upon deposition, as well as a high precipitation hardening response.

Under an ongoing Navy-funded SBIR Phase I program (Topic N151-010), QuesTek is designing a new class of 7050-T74 aluminum alloys with improved strength and hot cracking resistance, specifically for additive manufacturing of aircraft structures.

Please see the presentation below for more details.

Other Aluminum Developments

QuesTek has also had experience in designing and developing improved aluminum alloys for improved:

  • strength and SCC resistance over 7050-T74 for the Navy, and
  • strength and high temperature performance over 2014 for the Air Force.

Please contact us for more details on these specific projects.

Relevant files


  • Steel Research Group - Additive Manufacturing

    A detailed presentation on QuesTek's ICME approach to additive manufacting alloy modeling and development. QuesTek aluminum additive manufacturing projects are detailed in slides 4-12 - March 22, 2016