Aluminum-based Alloys

Aluminum-based Alloys

QuesTek has significant project experience in using ICME to model and design novel high performance aluminum alloys to maximize properties for strength, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking resistance, across manufacturing paths of forging, casting and additive manufacturing.

Aluminum Alloys for Additive Manufacturing

The most technically advanced of QuesTek Al design efforts are high performance alloys for additive manufacturing in three different categories. Each alloy has a novel chemistry, has been atomized, printed in powder bed fusion (PBF) and mechanically tested:

  1. High strength at room temperature (82 ksi YS, 82 ksi UTS, 8% Elongation)

2. High strength at elevated temperatures (As-printed: 40 ksi YS at room temperature and 32 ksi at 250°C)

3. High strength and high corrosion resistance (63 ksi YS, 75 ksi UTS, 5% elongation with good corrosion resistance)

Please see the presentation below for more details, and contact us for information on procuring QuesTek’s Al powders for Additive Manufacturing.