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QuesTek participated on Sentient Science's April 22, 2015 Webinar on how to double the life of a gear box. Listen to it here.

QuesTek's Ferrium C64 steel highlighted by U.S. Army as a key technology for future force fleet of helicopters.

Technical article in Gear Solutions Magazine (reprint of AGMA paper) on QuesTek steels.



QuesTek's ICME-Designed, Commercially Available Steels

Ferrium® C61™ - high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistant carburizing steel. Upgrade from 9310, Pyrowear®53 and EN36.

Ferrium® C64® - high strength, high surface hardness, good toughness steel. Upgrade from 9310, Pyrowear®53 and EN36.

Ferrium® M54® - ultra-high strength, high-toughness, SCC-resistant steel. Drop in replacement for AerMet 100; upgrade from 4340, 300M or Maraging grades.

Ferrium® S53® - ultra high strength steel with significantly greater corrosion resistance over 300M, 4340 and Maraging grades.

New High Performance Alloys Under Development

As a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), QuesTek designs and develops new high performance alloys across a range of the periodic table. Below are some examples that we are in the process of licensing to producers for commercial availability:

Coming Events

3rd TMS World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering 05.31.15 - QuesTek's Dr. Greg Olson will be giving an invited talk entitled "Materials Genomics: From... More