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QuesTek's Ferrium C61 steel to go to Venus - application to drive train components in robotic Venus explorer

QuesTek receives multi-year DARPA funding to design high performance thermoelectric materials using ICME technology

QuesTek's rapid development and deployment of advanced alloys are highlighted in the March 2016 issue of Aerospace America

QuesTek co-led a gathering of experts, hosted by the Council of Competitiveness, to address advanced materials issues in Washington, D.C.

QuesTek's ICME-Designed, Commercially Available Steels

Ferrium® C64® - high strength, high surface hardness, good toughness steel. Upgrade from 9310, AMS 6308 and EN36.

Ferrium® M54® - ultra-high strength, high-toughness, SCC-resistant steel. Drop in replacement for AerMet 100; upgrade from 4340, 300M or Maraging grades.

Ferrium® S53® - ultra high strength steel with significantly greater corrosion resistance over 300M, 4340 and Maraging grades.

New High Performance Alloys Under Development

As a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), QuesTek designs and develops new high performance alloys across a range of the periodic table. Below are some examples that we are in the process of licensing to producers for commercial availability:

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