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QuesTek is seeking candidates for the position of "Senior Engineer, Materials Modeling". Click here for more details.

QuesTek's cofounder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Greg Olson, participated in the 5th year anniversary of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) at the White House, August 2016.

QuesTek's Ferrium C61 steel to go to Venus - application to drive train components in robotic Venus explorer

QuesTek participated in an international strategic planning workshop for additive manufacturing.

Ferrium® C64® - high strength, high surface hardness, good toughness steel. Upgrade from 9310, AMS 6308 and EN36.

Ferrium® M54® - ultra-high strength, high-toughness, SCC-resistant steel. Drop in replacement for AerMet 100; upgrade from 4340, 300M or Maraging grades.

Ferrium® S53® - ultra high strength steel with significantly greater corrosion resistance over 300M, 4340 and Maraging grades.

New Alloys Under Development

As a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), QuesTek designs and develops new high performance alloys based in Fe, Al, Co, Cu, Ti, Ni, W, Mo, Ni and more.

Alloys for Additive Manufacturing

Alloys for high-performance Additive parts, specifically tailored to the unique limitations and challenges of Additive Manufacturing processes.

High Entropy Alloys

ICME design of new high entropy alloys for high-temperature industrial gas turbine applications.

Coming Events

Superalloys 2016 09.11.16 - QuesTek's Dr. Jiadong Gong will be giving a talk titled "Integrated Process Optimization of... More

Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow 12.08.16 - QuesTek will exhibit our licensed, high-performance carburizable gear steels at the 2016... More